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Wicks of Wisdom is a spiritual candle-magic line created by Dr. Linda in 1999 while on national radio.  She was trained in candle magic and took the concepts mainstream for people from all walks of life.  Removing any stigma of the occult, Dr. Linda Salvin’s Wicks of Wisdom work “…like a prescription for your soul.”  Wicks of Wisdom allow you to participate in your own spiritual process. Order yours now! 

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If you are seeking answers to life’s questions such as love, finances, career, relationships, spiritual guidance, health and wellness, legal issues or anything more personal, then you want to book a session for a psychic reading.  Dr. Linda has the gift of quickly tuning in with amazing intuition as well as clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsensient gifts. Dr. Linda was given a gift of healing in 1991 after surgery.  To feel more joy, unconditional love, hope, faith and happiness in your life, consider a healing. 

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As a radio veteran who began her broadcasting career on Los Angeles’ KBIG 104 FM, Dr. Linda moved on to AM, Cable Radio and FM stations throughout her twenty-plus year career.  Nationally syndicated from 1995-2004, Dr. Linda was one of the original radio psychics to hit the airwaves long before the internet.   Tune in to previous shows here on her website and watch for when she is broadcasting live right here with radiopsychicnetwork.com

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Many people write or call me about their dreams.  One dream that seems to recur with many of us pertains to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. There are many people who continue to have dreams of ex boyfriends and girlfriends.  Sometimes it can be of a recent break up and other times the dream will be of someone from our distant past, 20-30-40 years ago!  I understand the question very well. When we had a very deep emotional or spiritual connection with that person, and probably connected from a past life, the subconscious can bring these people into our dreams for... read more →

Life Purpose

I cannot tell you how frequently I am asked about one's life purpose.  We all have one primary purpose here on earth and that is to love...ourselves, others, nature, the planet.  When seeking the answer for your direction and career in life, trust your passion. You are here for a purpose that only you know as the emotions and drive within you speaks.  Are you mechanical? Artistic? A helper? Scientific? Everyone looks for the big pie in the sky purpose. We are here to live, love and learn. We are here to help and love others.  Your purpose is whatever is within... read more →


Much like the life purpose, we each have a destiny to fulfill. Whether it is being a teacher, doctor, engineer, artist, or just a good friend, child, partner, or animal lover, your love will lead you toward your destiny.  Your destiny is what is in your soul.  Follow your inner guide for passions, career choices, people, activities and love.  We are all here to learn lessons for love, patience, compassion, forgiveness and success.  No one can tell you what your personal destiny is except on a spiritual level.  We each have our lessons to learn as we open our eyes to... read more →

Faith & Prayer

There is a saying that "faith without works is dead".  In other words, you can have all the faith in the world but without action, things will not happen. We need to do our part in the process.  However, faith, much like love, is needed to believe in, feel, move through life's challenges and overcome obstacles each of us are faced with.  Through prayer, which is communicating with your God, faith is increased as the believe, trust and hope for something is tied into the prayer request.  Even if we do not believe in a God, there is still a grander... read more →
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