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Wicks of Wisdom is a spiritual candle-magic line created by Dr. Linda in 1999 while on national radio.  She was trained in candle magic and took the concepts mainstream for people from all walks of life.  Removing any stigma of the occult, Dr. Linda Salvin’s Wicks of Wisdom work “…like a prescription for your soul.”

Wicks of Wisdom allow you to participate in your own spiritual process. Order yours now!

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As a radio veteran who began her broadcasting career on Los Angeles’ KBIG 104 FM, Dr. Linda moved on to AM, Cable Radio and FM stations throughout her twenty-plus year career.

Nationally syndicated from 1995-2004, Dr. Linda was one of the original radio psychics to hit the airwaves long before the internet.

Tune in to previous shows here on her website and watch for when she is broadcasting live right here with radiopsychicnetwork.com.

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Many people write or call me about their dreams.  One dream that seems to recur with many of us pertains to an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. There are many people who continue to have dreams of ex boyfriends and girlfriends.  Sometimes it can be of a recent break up and other times the dream will be of someone from our distant past, 20-30-40 years ago!  I understand the question very well. When we had a very deep emotional or spiritual connection with that person, and probably connected from a past life, the subconscious can bring these people into our dreams for... read more →
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